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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 19
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
You can’t meet Ayan. Ever.” I mimicked Shahveer as he raised his eyebrow at me as if daring me.
“You! Mister! I don’t have to listen to you.
At all! I’m my own person and I have every right to talk to my best-friend.” I put my hands on my hips.
“But you forgot something,” he pointed out at me, “He left you! He is not your best-friend anymore.”
“So what? Didn’t you? ” I dared him, “So that means that If Ayan left so he is not my best-friend anymore and since you also left me, then you are not my husband anymore.”
I walked out of the room, my anger was about lash out at Shahveer. But I walked out. He has no right or whatsoever on me! He lost it.
Things are just getting more and more complicated. I mean that I had thought that he would present me the divorce papers as soon as he comes, but its already been a month since his arrival. And things have not gotten any better.
I thought of asking him about the divorce papers but I decided that he will present them himself. I wore my sneakers and went to have a walk in the near by park to clear out my mind.
I entered the park. The atmosphere was pleasant and serene. I felt refreshed. I felt a hand grab my wrist making me turn around. There stood, my oh-so-sweet-husband! Guilt
was written all across his face. Pfft, he is faking it.
I let out a sigh, “What do you want Shahveer? Haven’t you hurt me enough?!” I tried to leave but his grip tightened.
“Sh-shanzay!” I looked at him, waiting for his excuses.
“I never planned on hurting you, I won’t ever think of doing that! I am sorry, really sorry! I’ll do anything, anything to gain your love. Anything.” His voice held determination.
“Anything?” He nodded.
I smirked at him. I had so many ideas like making him dress like a girl, spending dollars on chocolates daily and even make him do pole dance in public. But nah, I’m not that mean. Just kidding.
“Shahveer, you have to gain my trust first not my love.” I rolled my eyes at him. Pfft, my only true love is Francisco Lachowski, Matt Lanter, Mariano Di Vaio, Dylan’O Brien, Logan Lerman, Feroze Khan and a lot more.
“So how about we start over?” I suggested. He simply shrugged.
“But wait before we start again, I want to ask you a question.”
“Sure, go ahead.”
“Why did you marry me? I mean didn’t you like Nisa, you guys were supposed to get married.” I said as we walked.
“What! No! Where did you even get that idea from?”
“Oh, just that you guys are both rich and rich, while I on the other hand am average.”
“What no! No way on earth I would marry a girl like Nisa. Sure I have heard people assuming that Nisa and me would get married but that girl is too clingy and not modest at all. And puh-lease she is no where near the word pretty.
And you! You could be a freaking model for. You are beautiful.”
I blushed at his words. Deciding not to talk about the topic anymore we played twenty questions. I actually find Shahveer interesting.
“So what type of girl do you prefer?”
“Ummm…a girl named Shanzay. ” he said. I slapped his arm playfully and gave him the ‘be serious’ look.
“Okay, okay I like chubby girls, who are modest and have a good sense of humor, a good personality. Well basically thats all.” He said while holding my hand. I felt tingles run through my body. I shivered a bit, but then decided to ignore all those tingles which were giving me the jitters.
“Oh so thats why you married me. Hmm.”
“No wait I didn’t mean to say that you are chubby, I mean you are way to skinny and I am intending on making you a cute chubby wife.”
I rolled my eyes at him. “And how do you plan on doing that?” I asked him.
“Well I know you are very stubborn and I have heard that pregnant women tend to eat a lot. So I’m going to feed you a lot during that time so that I can have cute chubby kids.”
I stopped walking. Seriously? He just made things so much awkard. He really had to say that!
“Uh..h I think its time, we should go home.” I said without looking at him and turned to leave. He immediately started walking beside me as we trailed off to home.
After having dinner I went upstairs to pray. After offering my prayers, I grabbed my pillow and my phone when Shahveer came into the room.
“Where are you going?” He inquired.
“To another room.” I said meeting his gaze.
“But why? You already have a bed here, we can sleep together.”
I sighed, why doesn’t he understand?
“Shahveer, you are supposed to earn my trust remember?”
“I know but that doesn’t mean that you are going to sleep in another room. I can’t sleep without you!”
He whined as a pout settled on his lips.
I raised my eyebrow at him, “Really? Then how did you sleep all these years without me?” I asked sassily
“That time we were not married, and now we are! Do you know how hard it was to sleep without you for four months knowing that we were married but not together. So I just can’t sleep knowing you are sleeping in the next room when you should be in my arms.”
I shook my head not believing a single word. Although his tone told me that he was speaking the truth.
“Okay, atleast sleep in this room!”
“But you are sleeping on the floor.” I pointed at him.
“I can’t sleep on the floor, its pretty hard and not comfortable at all.” He excused.
“Its either me sleeping in the next room or you sleeping on the floor.” He sighed in defeat knowing that there was no other way out. Grabbing his pillow he slept on the floor while I closed the lights and slept on the bed like a baby.

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