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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 18
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
He was playing with my fingers. I was laying there, beside him trapped in his arms. He wouldn’t even let me go to the washroom. I let out another sigh. I have been sighing a lot since Shahveer’s arrival.
“Shahveer would you let go of me, please!” I asked him for the umpteenth time.
“Never.” I groaned in annoyance.
“See, I never planned on sleeping beside you, Ever. I was planning on ignoring you. And just look at you, you are not even letting me out of the bed.” I said to him.
Hurt flashed through his eyes, or maybe I’m just imagining things. He got up and left the room. My heart saddened at the thought of him leaving me. No, I do not care about him. Though I miss his warmth.
I got out of bed and got ready for work. When I was having breakfast, I received a message from Ayan. Maryam wanted to meet me. So I agreed and told him to bring her to my office.
During my break, Ayan came in with Maryam. We had bonded over the months and now we were close. I played with her, and she always used to complain about how Ayan never used to play with her.
We were currently playing snakes and ladders when the door to my office burst open. I looked up to see Shahveer standing there in a white button-up shirt, looking handsome as ever.
I walked towards him. He immediately latched his arm around my waist. Pulling me close, he put his head in the crook of my neck .
“You left without informing me this morning.”
“Shahveer, there are people over here!” He looked up but didn’t let go of my waist. Maryum came running towards me and hugged my legs.
“Who ish he?” She asked me. I bent down to her level.
“He is my friend. Maryam meet Shahveer, Shahveer meet Maryam.” I gestured towards both of them.
“So this is Shahveer.” Ayan said as I turned around to face him, so did Shahveer.
“Salam Shahveer. I don’t know if you remember me but I’m Ayan, Shafia’s best-friend.” Ayan said taunting Shahveer. Shahveer’s lips were pressed into a thin line. I could see the anger in his eyes. There was something between them, because I could feel the tension in the air.
They both were glaring at each other. I’m not letting them have a fight in my office so I stood beside Ayan and whispered in his ears.
“Leave right now! Please!” He immediately left with Maryam but not before giving Shahveer a glare. As soon as he was out Shahveer hugged the life out of me. He started inhaling my scent while I stood there in his arms, awkwardly.
“Are you a werewolf?” I blurted out. Shahveer looked at me and then bursted out laughing.
“Why would you ask such a question?” He asked me while holding his stomach.
“Umm…I just assumed since you were sniffing me, and hugged me after my guests left. And you looked like you were pretty angry. Thats what werewolves do mostly when they are angry, they hug their mates because their scent calms them down.”
By the time I was finished he was standing infront of me, towering over me. I had to look up at him. He closed the distance between us. Our lips were almost touching. My breath hitched but nevertheless I asked him.
“So are you a werewolf, and am I your mate? Because if that is true, then I’m ready to spend my life with you. Forever. But only if you turn me into a werewolf!” I said excitedly. Its true I love werewolves, and even though I know they don’t exist in real but some part of me hopes they do exist.
“So…what you are saying that if I’m a werewolf you are ready to spend your life with me, huh?”
“Yep.” It came out more eagerly then I expected.
“So I’m a werewolf.” I narrowed my eyes at him.
“Stop lying!” I said.
“What?! You said that If I’m a werewolf you’ll spend your whole life with me. So I told you I was a werewolf. So now will you stay with me forever?” He sat down on my desk.
“No.” I knew he was lying.
“And next time before you come here atleast inform me about it. I may have guests to attend to.” I pointed at Shahveer.
“You are not allowed to meet Ayan. Ever!”
Wait what?!

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