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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 16
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
He put me down in the passenger seat. I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. He started the car and asked me the venue. I ignored him and looked out of the window.
Who does he think he is? First he leaves me. Then he makes me sleep beside him and then he says I have no right to meet anyone! How dare he?! If he thinks I’m going to forgive him then no! I won’t.
He was staring at me. I could feel his hot gaze. My gaze dropped towards my wrist. My eyes widened, I was late. I promised Greg I won’t be late again! Ughhh… this is all because of Shahveer! I hate him so much!
“What is because of me? And why do you hate me? Oh! I know…I’m sorry. Baby what do you want me to do? I will do anything that will make you forgive me.”
I ignored him and just told him the address. Soon we were standing outside of a huge house. I told Shahveer to wait inside and got out of the car. Of course he didn’t listen and got out of the car. He grabbed my hand walked towards the house. He pressed the doorbell.
Before the door could open, I snatched my hand back. The door opened and there stood Greg’s mother. She hugged me. Then she looked behind me.
“Oh my, who is this handsome man? Ohh!! He is your husband right!” I nodded, muttering unfortunately under my breath.
“Oh, Greg is upstairs. He is upset.” She said with an apologetic smile.
I ran upstairs towards Greg’s room. I turned the knob and entered his room. His room was painted blue with white finger prints on one wall and stars on the other. It was pretty cute. Greg was playing with trucks on the floor. He had one of his hands under his chin which was holding his face. Tears were streaming down his face. It broke my heart.
I rushed towards him and engulfed him in a hug. He started struggling telling me to get away but instead I pulled him closer and whispered soothing words in his ear. He finally stopped crying and I kissed his temple. He looked up at me with his big doe brown eyes that were shiny due to tears in them.
“I thought you left me. I thought you weren’t going to be my friend anymore. I felt so sad.” He said while sniffing.
“You know I love you and I would never ever leave because you are ny best friend. Aren’t you?” I asked him with a grin.
“Yes best friends forever!!!!” He said while kissing my cheek.
“But why were you late?” He inquired.
I was just about to speak when Shahveer beat me to it.
“Actually little guy I was the reason she was late.” He walked towards us, “I’m sorry, I won’t make her late. Ever again!”
At this I rolled my eyes. Yeah right!
“Who is he janu?” Greg asked.
“Your Boyfriend!!! Hi I’m Greg. And she is best-friend. If you hurt her, I’m going to eat you!! Get it??” He said all hyped up. My boyfriend? I wish he was nothing related to me!
Shahveer saluted him.
“I would never do that. But if I do I’ll personally come to you so you could eat me up. Ok?”
“You better!” Greg said glaring at him. He looked so adorable. I’m gonna eat him up!
Walking out I sat down in the car as we left for park. As soon as the car came to its destination, Greg jumped out and ran inside. I rushed behind afraid that he might get hurt.
A hand grabbed my hand out of nowhere making me hit against something hard.
Yes. It had to be Shahveer’s chest . I think I have a obsession with his chest. I looked up to see Shahveer telling me to calm down. He then pointed towards my back. I turned around to see Greg swinging on the swings.
An involuntary smile made its way towards my face. He looked so happy. I love people when they smile because you are the actual reason behind it. Shahveer grabbed me from the waist from the side and we found a suitable place for us to sit. I set down the blanket as we sat down on it.
After playing twenty-five matches 9f football against Shahveer with Greg on my side, he accepted his defeat. Though I had Greg on my team and Shahveer was alone, Greg did nothing except cheering. I stuck my tongue out at Shahveer, as I won the twentieth match out of twenty-five matches.
“Ha! See you could never beat me at sports. Poor you!” Shahveer’s shoulders slumped as he walked towards our picnic spot.
I stood their watching him with my hands on my hips, smirking. Greg latched on my legs, saying that I was the best! I know!
I was hungry, so I grabbed a sandwich from the basket and went to play with Greg. He ran while I catched him.

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