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written by AMBITIOUS GAS

My eye opener to the universe
For nine months you housed me,
In a roofed habitat without building materials
Protected and shielded amply
Mindless of your pain not comfort.
You were my gate
With all keys in your custody.
You gave me life and allowed me choose my own way
I’m nothing without you.

No matter how hard it is for the blind to see,
Your affection alone surpasses other illumination.
You birthed,nurtured and prepared me
On a journey full of storm and agony within
Continuance right in your smile

A reassurance that I’m worthy.
You were fearless,a great conquerer
No matter how hardened it seems,
You’d forever surfaced reiterating I can run my race.
Even after every strength were drained
I was tired and giving up.
You’re the sacred place to get my deep sound sleep
Where light vanquished darkness,
Lost glory regained sturdily
From grass to grace.
Unconditional love I have always had
Because you diligently introduced me to the world after you introduced the world to me.
Mum, you’re transcendent over other things,
After God comes You.


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