It’s pertinent to know that marriage is a union between a male & female or of more people that create a family tie and carries legal, social, religious rights and responsibilities

Creation of union in marriage begins from two legal spouses who are husband and wife of which their cohabitation leads to procreation of legal offsprings [children] that will later serve as their ambassadors

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Legal cohabitation of the two spouses attracts spiritual reward despite the sexual enjoyment, from the almighty God. Before embarking on the journey of marriage, each of the gender needs to certify some major qualifications and conditions in order not to render the marriage void and invalid.

Some of the conditions/qualifications are opposition of the two spouses, sanity or legal capacity of the two genders, legal consent, and readiness of the two genders, consent/availability of party’s guidance, dowry and witnesses.

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If any of the afore-mention conditions is absent, the marriage shall be declared void.

Many people have divergent reasons why a man cannot do without woman and why woman cannot do without man. some of people’s views on the reasons behind marriage are; sexual satisfaction /avoidance of fornication and adultery, formation of family(procreation of offspring), temper reduction and inheritance
However it’s important to know that the major reason why we get married to each other is to serve as source of happiness at the time of hardship.

The following has been identified to be the problems and challenges of contemporary marriage

Spiritual And Health incompatibility: This is a situation where by the two spouses are not destined to marry each other as a result of incompatible medical report of the genotypes and spiritual affirmation.

Ego of either of the spouses: this problem arises from the feelings of superiority or supremacy. This is when any of the spouse feels superior leaving the other with the feelings of inferiority. For instance , a marriage contract conducted between rich and poor spouses or marriage conducted between famous and nonentity, this problem can also arise between two famous spouses in a situation whereby submissiveness will be found wanting and if care is not taking the marriage can be terminated easily

Child expectation: This is one of the major challenges in marriage relationship that usually happens between two faithful and hopeful lovers simply because the first fruit of marriage is child. The absence of childbirth is another factor that can entice couple/s into humorous acts, such as illegal child adoption, spiritual consultation, adultery ,family threat which can in turn leads to enotional or psychological distress or dysfunction.
However some faithful adherents did not see this as disease or phenomenon because it has happened to some of their prophet’s e g, Abraham/Ibrahim, Moses/musa, Solomon/Suleiman, Jesus/Isa etc. As recorded by their holy books

Poverty: this is also one of the contemporary challenges in marriage. Absence of wealth in marriage render the husband financially handicap to take up his responsibility. The husband will not be able to play his major role in the family such as provision for family sustenability. Even in some aspects when this factor comes up, the wife will become the head of the family and the house controller just as we have it today. This factor does not have negative impact on the husband alone, it also has impact on part of the wife responsibility such as maintenance of the upbringing of the children in order not to engage in social vices e.g. hooliganism, theft and fornication. In fact so many legally married wives become another person’s property and some become prostitute just because of poverty.
However its pertinent to note that no condition is permanent, with time and patience everything will be alright.

written by ALABI ADAM O (SAHD)

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