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by thesuigeneris

Dear world,
I travelled far and wide,
Looking for wrong and right,
Confirming my past plight,
While in search of a comforting lie.

I journeyed to the end of the world,
Looking for the innocence in our words,
With doubts and sharp swords,
While I seek the truth that was.

I quested to the deepest deep,
Looking for Sol and Luna’s keep,
For they seem to be lost,
While I sought the brightness we had lost.

Behold a sight, wounded and bleeding
From the travails of time beeping,
With its ways out of order and control,
While it struggle to evade it’s roles.

Behold a view, man lost in perplexity
In shackles and chains of complexity,
Unable to wear off its containment,
As it rather engulfs more in the restraint.

Startled I was, trying to decipher,
What I had found in the Plains of ere,
Is this the hope that we all had
Or our dreams that we all feared?

Could this be why?
Why the horse rides and the man is ridden.
Why the chased now chases and the lost now rules.
Why the fallen still falls and the risen still rise.

Could this be why?
Why we can’t seem to improve,
For the drivers are from fools.
Why there’s darkness in every light.

Could this be why?
Why the covered are now the fools,
And the revealing are the dukes.
Why there’s folly in every wisdom.

Because our world has collapsed,
Not like we knew it to be anymore.
With the world in regression,
As folly is the new norms.

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