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by El-Rufa’i Abdulrahmon

An innocent girl I’m,
Lacking worldly experience.
The best i call him,
Not knowing he’s a beast.
A leader i call him,
Rather he’s a driller.
He came unto me like a thief in the night with eyes looking sanguinolent.
I tried running like the gazelle runs from the Lion.
But he got hold of me,
And subdue my voice into a quiet one,
Making my mouth a close casket.
He shredded my cloth and gave me a resounding slap,
That makes me descry the stars.
My melons,he pulverized.
Silent wet-eyed beseeching i gave him, which he refuses to heed.
He plunged into my cunt,
Despite tears raining from my eyes.
He kept on thrusting in and out.
He poured on my white cloth, palm oil.
My radicle, he extirpated.
I’m the scapegoat sacrificed on the table of lust.
I hoot,
Has been looted.
Oh my virginity,my dignity.
Bring back my pride! as i cried.
Perforated,Depressed,molested I’m .
What have I done to deserve this?
Ebullient I’m before , not anymore with vengeance inside me.
A Victim of rape I’m.


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