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ARROW OF FATE episode 16

Arrow of Fate

By: Yusuf Abd’wasii

(Literatus 🌹)

Episode 16

My head swell as I saw the new girl who came in with two children and almost give birth to the third one. I feel embarrassed because I couldn’t conceive my own baby.
Now, there’s fire on the mountain… No, there’s fire in our house. I automatically became househelp, I cooked what the whole house eat, wages the dishes, clothes, tidy up the house and even cater for the children as if they were mine. I dare not do them, Abdulhakeem will went mad and the madness will go viral like a warning messages on media. My matrimonial bed later belongs to someone else, I don’t have choice than sleep in the visitor’s room or even on the couch in the living room.
I was so fed up, hate my life and look so thin that I had to call on Abdulhakeem to please let me resume my work since he now have his family, but I was beaten blue black… Who will cater for my children, what are you useful for, did you want to be useless all your life? He lamented.
Cry…? I’m used to the beaten and rough life, I didn’t and couldn’t cry, I just take my leave after heeding his words. I was a maid to some far extent, Abdulhakeem’s wife, Mutiyat will woke me up at the latest hour of the night to cook. I dare not say no she’s the queen and I’m the dowager. I was so unfortunate, a graduate who’s a slave in her own matrimonial home, what’s a miserable life!!!? These pains are just too much for me to bear alone… What a lonely world I am? Sobs.

Mutiyat was ready to deliver, it’s her month and Abdulhakeem took leave off work, so that he can take care of her. They both traveled out to another country for the delivery and here I was living miserably.

I was at home with the other two children to take care of them. And then seriously, I had peace. I only cater for Matin and Muheezat, I feel like a mother with them around, they were so lovely. How I wish they were mine, I’d have been happy. If wishes were horses…
They practically left the children with me to mother them. My life was no longer mine, I live under a dictator, no right to freedom of expression.
Hmm… All hell broke loose when one of the kid had an accident. I wanted to bath the kids, since it’s winter, I had to prepare hot water to bath them. Then there was knock on the door and it was a postman from the post office who wants to deliver what Abdulhakeem had sent to his children. As I was attending to the man, Matin screamed from bathroom loudly, I had to rush and see what has happened but it’s already late. He had dip one of his hand into the hot water and his hand hurt badly. Without taking anything, I rushed him to the hospital where Abdulhakeem registered as family’s. What would I say how will Abdulhakeem believe it was an accident…? I am doomed and done for.

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