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ARROW OF FATE episode 11

Arrow of Fate 🏹💘

By: Yusuf Abd’wasii


Episode 11

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As I alighted from the bus looking around to find Abdulhakeem, he also was watching out for me. Alas, our eyes met as we had used our different descriptions to identify each other

He moved closer to me and asked, “Hello, are you Aminah?”

Yes, you must be Abdulhakeem, I answered.
“That’s me. You’re welcome, how was your trip?

We exchanged pleasantries as he led me to the car park and we boarded a taxi to his house at Alaro area.

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Abdulhakeem had already prepared a room and food waiting for my consumption, after taking my bath and resting a bit, he served me rice and salad. He engaged me in small talks as I ate my food, willing to know me more. He was a handsome young man, a man many women dreamt of. He was very intelligent that I myself admired him to some far extent. He was so caring. He woke me up the next morning to get ready for my admission processes.

Two weeks later, I started lectures at the faculty of Arts, language department. Till then, Abdulhakeem never whisper anything like marriage to my ears, he was older and more experienced. One morning, we both boarded a taxi to school, we both held hands and he said, “please be careful, don’t join bad girls, if you need anything, let me know and I’ll also come to check you up.” I was happy that the Care he showered me was not being exchanged for marriage.

So be it, he proposed to me after my first year, just as if he was waiting for it to end, I wouldn’t have accepted his proposal because I see some traits in him which I wasn’t comfortable with, he’s hot tempered and also, he jumps into conclusion without proper investigation. But in this case, I didn’t have much of a choice.
Some weekends, he’d invited me to his house to help him wash and cook which I did.
He had been observing me for a while if I have the traits and satisfy him and yes, I was his woman he wished to marry.
Now that his trial period was over, he found me worthy to be his wife, he was very sure I was going to be positive about his proposal because he believed he had done more than enough for me financially. He had forgotten I was also observing him and didn’t approve of him. I wouldn’t have accepted his proposal because he was truly reckless and he spent time late out at nightclubs where he had become a regular face, he smoked and drank some a very far extent but the fact that he provided my need from his little earnings held me. I really needed him to cater for my my needs no matter how ugly his attributes or behaviour.

So, you sense my fate was tied to his, Aminah broke into tears as she diverted from the story to address Abdullah. I couldn’t refuse him because he was my meal ticket. I was standing in the street under the rain you met me because of that unfortunate singular decision, I was left with no option which compounded my fears about life.
The day he proposed, he invited me to his house, everything in his house were well in place and properly arranged, the aroma from the kitchen was a super strong one, which girl is visiting Abdulhakeem today? I asked myself. I went straight to the decorated dining table and observed the table had been set for two with candles standing on the table, wine glasses and a bottle of Eva wine, a lovely cake which “I love you” was inscribed on…
Abdulhakeem came to meet me as I was admiring the dining, as he came closer, he held my left hand, knelt down, looked straight into my eyes and said, “Aminah, please marry me” I was shivering by that statement, was he joking? He couldn’t even out it right by using the word “will you” which should make it formal. He didn’t give me an option except that I should marry him. How could I say no to a man who had been taken care of me this far? Even with his harsh temperament, he had never fallen out with me. How could I disregard the financial pillar of my life?
it was impossible to say no and saying yes was also not the right thing for me to say. Out of pity and fear, I said Yes.
For some minutes, I did not respond to the proposal. Finally and reluctantly, I faked a smile, looked at him and said yes. Abdulhakeem quickly stood up, embraced me and placed an engagement ring on my finger. He sent for his sister Mrs. Maryam, his friends and some of his colleagues to join him in two days for proper engagement. He claimed to love me but yet couldn’t see the love in his eyes, he said he loved me but I couldn’t hear it in his voice, his embrace felt empty, but he said he was in love with me.

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